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Quality vibratory process equipment, incorporating the latest technology



Aury Tianjin China is an associate company of the DaDi Group,which is the largest privately-owned design and construction coal group in China.Made up of a dedicated team of professionals,the company has set out to provide the best screening and vidrating equipment into Australasia and the Pacific.

Following world’s best practice, using proven design, Aury Tianjin China takes advantage of the economies provided by the large scale Chinese production,with the aid of technical know-how developed in Australia.

Our team has sound research and design capability, backed up by technical expertise of a number of engineers who have been working with vibration technology with leading edge thinking and design techniques to produce capital equipment that is superior to anything found in the market today.

FULLY –integrated production

Unlike many other capital equipment manufacturers,Aury’s production facility is fully-integrated. All components like exciters , cross beams and exciter beams, all machined and fabricated in our Tianjin facility and assembled in our factory in Sebenza.

Our principal production facility in Tianjin covers over 17,000 square meters under roof. We have a highly advanced CNC machining centre, large in-floor CNC milling/boring machine, highly specialized three coordinates measuring machine,as well as a workshop and a wide range of machining equipment,both large and small.

Worldwide sales centred in Australia

The application and technology for our equipment has been developed in Australia. It is for this reason that sales effort outside of China will be based in Australia and sales for Africa based in South Africa.

Aury (Tianjin will service the China market.)

The difference that is an Aury Screen

The combination of many years of experience,applied research and field trials has resulted in a range of screens that are a cut above the rest. With attention to detail we make sure that the screen you receive from Aury Tianjin China will achieve the desired details.

Aury screens have been designed to be extremely sound structurally and are built to last. Due to the arduous duty that is the norm for this type of vibrating equipment all efforts, in both design and production, to eliminate stress and avoid cracking have been exerted.

Our screens have many features that make them unique. We take the principle of structural strength, but with lighter mass, to provide a product that uses less power and has lower operational noise,while cutting down on the need for unnecessary maintenance.

A feature of our screens is that our side plates are weldless. They are assembled using Huck-bolts to assure minimal stress on the structure. The exciter beam is a box beam construction and very strong, minimising unnecessary weight.

Attention to Detail

The cross beam used in our screens is a special circular pipe, which is made for strength while keeping to lightweight requirements. The surface is coated with a special two-pack polyurethane or rubber to provide greater corrosion and abrasion resistance.

All components used in the manufacture of the screens are blast cleaned before being painted. All assembly points are sealed to prevent water ingress.

Our steel damping springs are designed to provide 96% to 98% vibration isolation.

A note on testing

Design and manufacture of all our screens is done to world’s best practice.Each screen is designed to a client’s exacting requirements.

Before a screen leaves our factory e test run and carry out frequency analysis to ensure it operates as required at the correct speed and amplitude to suit the application.

Multi-Slope Banana Screens

Our single deck banana screens have been used for coal washing applications over many years. Screening deck angles normally used for coal are 25 down to 5. Other deck angles are available to suit your application.

Featuring all heavy duty construction , our banana screens are designed and manufactured for very rigorous environments. They are available in single and double deck configurations.

Cross beam cleats are cast steel saddles which are Huck-bolted to the round cross beams. Special washers are used to ensure Huck-bolts have positive connection. Cross beams are protected by 6mm thick polyurethane coating.

Alternative surface coating such as rubber or ceramic composite coating are available.

Cross beam cut outs in the side plates are plugged with a polyurethane plug to prevent the ingress of fluids and solids.

Extended side plates minimise corrosion by eliminating internal joints and crevices making drip angles redundant.

Our double deck screens are designed with similar principles to our single deck screens.

The top and bottom deck can be different angles to maximize on screen efficiency, with maximum clearance between top and bottom decks.

Horizontal Screens

Aury screen components are all manufactured in our own workshops, with great attention to quality and detail using state-of-the-art equipment and leading edge production techniques.

Round tubular cross members are stress relieved prior to machining and are sized to cope with unexpected but normal overload conditions. The end flanges are attached to the cross beams with full penetration elds with robotic controlled welding machines. The welds exceed the Australian standards (AS 1554 Special purpose welds part 5).

The round tubular cross beams minimise build up of under-flow material on the cross beams and reduce the possibility of pegging when larger apertures are used as compared with rectangular cross members.

Exicter bems are a fabricated box beam construction, stress relieved and flanges and exciter mounting pads are all machined. All welds exceed the Australian welding standards AS 1554 Part 5.

Horizontal screens are available in single and double deck configurations.

High Frequency Screens

The AHF 1836 high frequency screen is our most popular model. Measuring 1.8m*3.6m,this unit is the largest in our current range.

The Aury AHF screen features twin vibrator motors counter rotating to produce a linear motion. Available in 1000rpm and 1500rpm.

The AHF screen has a 45 sloping feed section and the screen is generally up hill 5 to improve de-watering. The cross beams are liberally sized round tubular beams with machined clamps for attachment to the longitudinal rallis.

Drives & Guard

Aury screen drives can be fitted on either side of the screen or can be mounted above and in the centre of the screen.

The drive and intermediate shafts are connected with either universal couplings or Aury polyurethane disc coupling.

The V-belt drive is fitted to a base plate with a lay shaft mounted in two plumber block bearings. The V-belts are easily accessible for ease of maintenance and adjustment.

Exciter guards are ruggedly built and comply with relevant safety standards.


All Aury screen components are manufactured by us in our own workshop.

The Aury Linear motion exciter is a low noise,long life exciter with lip and labyrinth seals to prevent ingress of dust and moisture.

A three dimensional measuring unit is used for checking exciter housing dimensions and alignment. The unit is housed in an air conditioned room to ensure accuracy.

Precision CNC lathes are used to manufacture exciter components, plug weights and labyrinth seals.

The Aury special ventilation breather prevents foreign matter entering the exciter and allows good heat dissipation. This allows the exciters to run cooler than otherwise possible without the breather.


Aury after sales service can be carried out on-site at our Sebenza workshop.

Our service engineers are experienced in installation, supervision and commissioning , site inspection and training . Aury spare parts are supplied Africa-wide from our
principal works in Sebenza.

We also offer an exciter service exchange program.