Audit & Assurance:

i. Statutory Audits
ii. Tax Audits
iii. Internal and Management Audits
iv. Internal Control Review
v. Due-diligence
vi. System Audit

Direct Taxation Advisory & Personal Advisory:

i. Corporate and personal tax compliance including income-
tax assessments.
ii. Bulk filing of employee returns.
iii. Consultancy relating to Domestic & International Transfer
iv. TDS & Withholding tax compliance.
v. Appeals before the Commissioner (Appeals).
vi. International and Domestic Tax Planning.
vii. Filing of Income-tax returns of residents and non-
residents individuals, domestic and foreign companies and
other entities.
viii. Personal Financial Planning.


i. Advice on various foreign exchange matters under the Act.

ii. Obtaining various approvals under the said Act from the

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and providing assistance in

compliance thereof.

iii. Advice on various FCRA matters, Obtaining approvals and

filing of returns.

iv. Trust / Society Formation.

v. Registration u/s 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act.

vi. Registration under FCRA.

Corporate Advisory:

i. Formation of Indian Companies.
ii. Advising on various matters under the Companies Act,
iii. Assisting in Winding-up of companies/striking off the name
from the Registrar of Companies under the Act 2013.
iv. Maintenance of statutory records registers and minutes
v. Assistance in preparation and filing of various forms with
the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act 2013.

Business Process Outsourcing:

Preparing & maintaining books of accounts on behalf of the
client as per the requirements of the clients.
ii. Preparing & finalizing annual accounts of the clients.
iii. Preparing & maintaining Fixed Assets Register as per the
requirements of Income Tax Act or Companies Act.
iv. Conversion of manual book keeping system to
computerized system of accounts
v. Preparing reconciliations – accounts payable, accounts
receivable, bank, branch etc
vi. Forecasting profitability statement, Balance Sheet & Cash
Flow Statement, with sensitivity analysis
vii. Payroll processing & management, EPF & ESIC
related compliances

Indirect Taxation Advisory

i. Compliances handholding including GST Registration,
Payment of duties & taxes, Preparation and filing of returns
ii. Conducting audits as per the requirement of the statute or
compliance audits / Due Diligence Check as per the needs
of the clients.

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